Calling It Quits … For Now

Calling It Quits For Now

As you might have experienced, I became quite “lazy” posting new images lately. The reason simply is, that I am not excited by this photography passion any more as i was in “the old days”.

Starting with photography more seriously back in 2010 or so, I have quite come a long way in this area:
2008 – Started taking images with a Bridge Camera and tapping into HDR photography, doing most of my images with HDR, whether it made sense or not.
2010 – Got my 1st DSLR and experienced the thrill of shallow depth of field.
2010 – Got into 360 Spherical Panoramic Photography and I was blast away, what kind of perspectives you could achieve
2011 – I also finished my own view on Self Management in my MOPS Werk book (now being discontinued)
2011 – Started with this Blog and putting some tidbits of my work out into the Web.
2011Got my 1st mirrorless camera and i was so relieved to not carry pounds of glass with me around any more
2014 – Had my 1st full frame mirrorless camera and experienced what’s it like to adapt (old) manual lenses and get the original field of view/depth of field these lenses were designed for
2016 – ???

Ever since 2008 I had the impression to learn along the way. And I had the impression to create something out of the ordinary (especially I mean all those panoramic images that I shot). Which Photographer doesn’t want to create a new view on things?

Since a couple of months, I do not have the feeling any more to learn something new / getting new aspects out of my photography. My own Photography activities have become a little bit bland for me, and I currently have difficulties seeing a sense to spend hours on post processing photos and acquiring even more gear to get more images.

And I have the overall feeling, that photos in geeneral (either shot by myself or others) are likely to get meaningless:
* Time span of attention for single picture decreases to some fractions of a second out in the WWW. And this goes even for the pics that I take myself: Usually, most of the photos will go unnoticed to the dark vaults of a backup hard disc, unlikely to be viewed again ….
* The whole world seems to be put into pictures more or less by now, so i currently see no new views revealed in my own photos or the ones that I get to see (photogs out there: No offence meant!).
* Personal (ad free and totally non-commercial!) blogs like mine do not seem to have a future any more: All eyes are directed towards the big social networks. At 1st glance you’ll get some credits and visibility. But on second thought, in the end those pictures’ only sole purpose is to keep the audience’s attention glued to these networks, ultimately gaining more traffic ( … creating adherence and gaining ad revenue on on the grounds of your creativity ).
* When I check my subscribed blogs, in almost all cases it’s about new stuff and gear, that’s going to be advertised with these posts en passant. Everything seems to be about gear being advertised instead of the meaning of photos themselves. Posession instead of meaning seems to be key.
* Ubiquitousness of Photography. Seems like nearly everybody has a Smart Phone by now and is able to take pictures for oneself. Maybe these photos technical wise are not fancy and full of flaws, but in the end these smart phone photos taken by you are personal and therefore loaded with meaning for yourself. Even photographical craftmanship is not important more: In times before my own, developing images in the dark room was a craft. This craft in not needed anymore with digital cameras and digital image processing. And I experienced myself, that the craft of developing spherical images probably will be replaced by technical commodities such as a dedicated panorama camera (and I admit, I am using it 😉 ).

And on top: Back when I started this blog in 2011, overall things on WWW, society and our planet looked much brighter to me.

And this is how I look at it today
* Since Snowden times we know the WWW is under heavy surveillance and not the free and happy place as it was supposed to be.
* Democracy and Society issues can be seen everywhere
* And finally, we as folks simply aren’t sustainable (since August 8 we live on Earth’s credit ).

In view of that, my writers/photographer’s blog block seems negelectable.

I am not complaining that old times were better. It’s only that I do not seem to be in Resonance with my Photography any more.

I’ll (try to) shed gear (got rid off Full Frame already). I’ll take a break from this blog. I’ll ruminate on what I did learn from my blogging experience.

Maybe I’ll resume it, maybe I’ll ditch it.  Let’s see what happens.

This way or the other, journey through life continues.

Whoever you are out there: Wishing you happy Photo Shooting or whatever you’ll like to do with your “Eigenzeit”. And thanks goes out to the ones, who did contact me to personally discuss photography topics, you know who you are!

PS: For this special post, I’ll make an exception and will open comments. I’ll check them. Thanks for visiting!
PPS: And of course I’ll post one image or the other on “those social networks”: Even though I’ll know my images will only be the honey pot for a different purpose than just being watched, I’ll do it anyway 😉 …

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