Ricoh Theta S … killing (my) Pano Photography (?)

Spherical Images at the click of a Button? What’s with all the postprocessing, is it gone?

Read on on my initial thoughts on the Ricoh Theta S spherical panorama camera.


Just after spring, you happen to find relics of dramas in your garden, such as the little bird which seems to have had a fatal encounter with a glass window.

As it seems like a perfect symbol for transience of time and that life just lasts for a given time, I thought this would be a good start into focus stacking (for my analytical preparation check out my article on focus stacking analytics ).

Here’s what I did in my photo project

I placed the unfortunate guy on a tile and placed the camera above:

Memento How To
Memento How To

… Taking a auto bracket focus stack of around 50 single shots…

The results were stacked in Helicon Focus . Alongside the stacked photo I also saved the depth map containing the depth information of the focus stack you (check out my 3d stereo tutorial for further information):

Having the stack shot and depth map, th road is open for different variations of visualization: The obvious one is to get a stacked image that is sharp across all depth of field levels as you can see above.

Additionally for my own enjoyment, I created an MPO file (the newest version provides a feature to generate 3D image from picture and depth map) with Stereo Photo Maker to display the poor bird in 3D on a Gameboy that hosts a 3D display:

Memento in 3D on N3DS
Memento in 3D on N3DS

Finally, I also generated a nice wiggly animation in Stereotracer to get a glimpse of 3rd dimension served on your screen as well … so I threw on a screen capture program to record an animation of the whole thing:

Memento Mori!

Area 62 … Waiting For The Train To Come … Or Go

Waiting for the Train To Come ... Or Go?
Waiting for the Train To Come … Or Go?

News from Area 51 + 11
Apples wither
on an infinite loop
Did they arrive
or did they go?
Where they there?
Away times slither
Neither to be kept in a hive
nor in a scoop


Too lazy for words, let the Photo speak for me …

Comparison Olympus Zoom vs Sony Zoom

Finally, I sat down again and did yet another lens test. Click on the link to read on my comparison of the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 12-40mm 1:2.8 against the Sony-Zeiss E 4/16-70mm lens.