Area 62 … Waiting For The Train To Come … Or Go

Waiting for the Train To Come ... Or Go?
Waiting for the Train To Come … Or Go?

News from Area 51 + 11
Apples wither
on an infinite loop
Did they arrive
or did they go?
Where they there?
Away times slither
Neither to be kept in a hive
nor in a scoop


Too lazy for words, let the Photo speak for me …

Comparison Olympus Zoom vs Sony Zoom

Finally, I sat down again and did yet another lens test. Click on the link to read on my comparison of the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 12-40mm 1:2.8 against the Sony-Zeiss E 4/16-70mm lens.

Wooden Sticks Abstract

That’s how Winter looks like these days … to make it more interesting, I took a shake/wipe version of an image showing trees …

A Memory Gone Cold

It was just a little over one week when it was cold to see some snow … and these days I am a little late (or better call it lame) to post my pictures in time 😉 … so here’s my winter pic for this season !